Monday, 28 November 2011

Character design - First attempt - Full turn around soon to come!

Although this character is not completely finished yet as i have not drawn him at different angles yet i wanted to show my first initial digital sketch that i have done!!!
Turning him into a football holligan may be in the pipeline as he looks the type!!

Layout 2 - a sunset over a barren desert.

Layout 1 - Palace in etherial indian sunset.

Layout designs - first few attempts!

These are the very first attempts that i have made at creating a layout or background. whichever you wanna call it!! for both i tried two very different styles and colour schemes to see what the outcomes of two very types of designs would result in.
Hope you like them!! Bare in mind this is my first attempt!! xx

life drawing - 25/11/11

life drawing - 18/11/11

life drawing - 11/11/11

life drawing - 04/11/11

life drawing - 28/10/11

life drawing - 21/10/11

life drawing - 14/10/11

life drawing - 07/10/11