Saturday, 28 April 2012

STING - kiss scene

The kiss scene coloured still and bcakground and a quick glance at the inbetweens!!

STING - curtains opening and background to go behind

This was my coloured attempt at the scene of the opening curtains and the background that will eventually go behind it.

STING - curtains spotlight shot colour variations!!

Even more playing around and exploring colour!! this time with the shot of the curtains with the Minerva logo on it!!

STING - Minerva run forward scene coloured.

This is one of the first animated scenes that i coloured of the Minerva character running forward into shot!!

STING - Table colour schemes

More colour schemes!! Of the table that Murphy is sat at this time!!

STING - Falling hat scene and backgrounds

One of the last scenes of the STING is of Murphys hat falling down over his cigarette after the explosion. for this scene i took on the role opf animator as well as artist as i both created and explored the color schemes for the background and animated and coloured the hat falling down. here are the different background colour versions and the animation of the hat falling.

STING - Kaboom scene colours.

One of the more dynamic scenes in the sting is the explosion scene so explored the colour schemes for this also.

We eventually decided on the last version with everything in blacka dn white except for the objects to help them stand out more.

STING - Stage Variations

I also explored the colouir scenes for the establishing shot of the stage. I also tried this both in black and white but also in black with only the red curtain in colour.

STING - Minerva colouring ideas.

As my main role for the project was to be working on the art side of the project (colouring, Backgrounds ect.) my first objective was to work out the colour schemes for various sections of the STING. One of the first pieces i worked on was the colouring on the dancing minerva character. I tried her in both black and white to fit with the film noir style of the STING and in colour.

we eventually all came to the decision that as she is such a vibrant character that she looks considerbaly better in colour. So we came to the decision that everything under the spotlight should be in colour. like this ......

STING project.

My latest piece of work that i have been doing on my university course is a 20 second STING to go into the film show at the end of the year. The brief was that we had to make the STING into the style of a specific film genre and to include the university logo of the minerva helmet.
Here is the animatic for the group that i have been placed into!