Wednesday, 14 March 2012

scene from 'sing you sinners' 1938!!

this is the scene that i was refering to in the earlier post!! xx

Idea for summer project!!

Ive have started some new sketches and character designs for a project that I am planning to do over my summer holidays. I have recently been watching a lot of older musicals and films made in the 30's 40's and 50's. One of my favourite films that I have newly discovered was a film made in 1938 called 'Sing You Sinners' that stars Bing Crosby and a very young Donald O' Connor (O' Connor being one of my favourite old actors!) My idea is to create a homage to the scene where they perform the song 'small fry'. I want to make a stylised version of this scene showing events that are bing sung about within it. This is my latest charcter sketch of Donald O' Connors character in the scene!! xx

New character design - final coloured design.

New character design - line art.

New character design!!

This is the first sketch of my new character design. I was inspired to draw this as I had been recently re watching my favourite trilogy of films, Back to the Future!! I wanted to almost re-create a female version of Marty Mcfly so I used fasion styles similar to that time. This is only a rough design, more to come yet!! xx

New life drawing for term 2!!

This is some of the life drawing that I have done for my second term at uni. This term I have tried to focus a lot more on the arm and shoulder area as this is one of my weakest points. I do feel that I have improved and my confidence in my drawing ability is much higher than it was when I first came to university!! yay!! I hope you like them, I enjoyed drawing them!! xx